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Carmen & Sage

Listening to the stories of the sky, earth, winds, sun, and moon teaches balance and harmony. My role as a lightworker and spiritual guide focuses on facilitating connections—within oneself, among living beings, and across physical and spiritual realms.


Meet Carmen

My life's journey has been a rich tapestry of unique experiences, woven together by my empathic gifts discovered in childhood and my mystical abilities embraced in adulthood. This path has been more than self-discovery; it's been about creating a symphony of experiences that resonate deeply with who I am.


From early on, empathy guided me through the complexities of human emotions, nurtured by meditation and diverse spiritual teachings. This foundation of compassion and open-mindedness enriched my life as I explored various cultures and communities worldwide.


My creative path was equally influenced by my empathic and spiritual journey. With a background in Musical Theatre and Opera, I learned the art of manifesting dreams into reality, a practice that would see me grace some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including London's West End and Broadway. My roles in productions like "The Phantom of the Opera" were not just career milestones but steps in my ever-evolving journey of self-expression and connection with the audience.

It was while on a Broadway Tour that my spiritual awakening journey took a profound turn, compelling me to embrace my role as a lightworker fully. Traveling from city to city, I felt each place's unique magic, pushing me to explore deeper into healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. I enriched my natural gifts with formal education in Reiki, Wicca, holistic medicine, and more, aiming not just for certifications but to deepen my connection with universal energies and prepare to guide others.

My practice has flourished, rooted in the belief that spiritual awakening starts with self-acceptance and diving into our essence. This acceptance has connected me deeply with life's elements and energies, enjoying simple pleasures and the company of all beings, from animals and trees to spirits and mythical creatures.

The arrival of my familiar, Sage, marked a significant moment, signaling it was time to expand my services and fully step into my identity as a Witchy Unicorn Auntie, aiming to spread light and love. This journey was about more than embracing my unique identity; it was a commitment to a life of service, love, healing, and spiritual growth.


Meet Sage

A mystical feline born by the serene river of Hillsborough, endowed with the rare gifts of sight and patience. From the very beginning, Sage knew destiny had a special path carved out, leading straight to the heart of a human companion, yet to be discovered.

The moment Sage laid eyes on Carmen, intuition whispered that the search had come to an end. Choosing to take refuge beneath Carmen's abode. With patience and a strategic reveal, Sage made a memorable entrance into Carmen's life, marking the beginning of an inseparable bond. Sage's presence in Carmen's life brought about a profound transformation, offering insights into the unseen and providing stabilizing support as they navigated life's mysteries together.

Sage plays a dual role in Carmen's life: a silent observer during spiritual sessions, and a vigilant guardian of the home's energetic perimeter, ensuring that only love and light permeate their shared space. 

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