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Who... are... we?

Welcome! Wherever, Whenever, Whoever and Whatever you are, we welcome you. 

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Carmen Vass

The Pumpkin Witch 

All journeys are uniquely designed by those who tread on them, therefore by definition, my own journey to this present moment has been unique with its own rewards and challenges. I did not fully discover or more pointedly embracingly uncover all of my Unicorn abilities till much later in my adulthood. 


In my younger years, I was given the empathic gift, providing a unique perspective on my surroundings. However, this can be scary for a child as well as for a parent as you can’t quite logically comprehend the phenomenon. However, at this young age, I was taught the tool of meditation and surrounding oneself with protective light. The philosophy or knowledge of faith was extremely open from being taught by open minds from the bible to Hinduism, Buddhism, and the universe. This platform being only the beginning of my journey but a crucial starting point. 


Living or traveling in other cultures and countries while being open, compassionate, and respectful even if you were not treated in kind. Developing my empathic sense of understanding, communication, and appreciation for all that makes up the quilt on Mother Earth. 


As it will be of no surprise creative energy runs very strongly with empaths, lightworkers, and mystical beings. Graduating as in Musical Theatre and later Opera, the thought process and power of “Manifesting and Creating” was a daily routine. Dealing with the fluctuations the Arts industry can throw and manifesting into creating a  successful career. Including: London West End Productions, UK/National/International Tours, Broadway Tours. My dream which came true when I joined the Phantom of the Opera west end cast and then continued to build beyond my imagination by being part of three further productions (The 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall, The New Spectacular UK Tour, The North America Broadway Tour). 


All the while my spiritual development and mystical abilities were included on this journey. Meeting an Angel Reiki master in the west end who gifted me with my first ever Card Deck. Using daily mindful rituals and connections to root myself while on tour or shed light on situations ahead. 


For a time while in the UK without prompting from myself those who knew me would call me the “friendly neighborhood witch”. Hints continued as random strangers commented on my healing aura and energies. Listening to the universe I continued my spiritual journey alongside my professional one. 


Little did I know how much my teaching would weave into my path. Loving to teach young adults drama and music, all the while my teachings strongly included therapeutic measures of self-discovery, acceptance, and respect. Not concerning myself with who is the next industry  “star”, however, making sure that all knew they were made of stardust and could sparkle even without trying. Unlocking their limitless potential for them to use how they see fit in a World of opportunity. 


Soon the parallel journey of my spiritual awakening no longer could remain in the sidecar. While on tour the call of becoming a lightworker got stronger with every city I visited. In which I would naturally find the magical resources in human beings, stores, history, or communities. Deciding if I was being called to assist others on their journeys of healing, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening I wanted to be sure I was fully informed and educated to be a resource of knowledge and light myself (beyond my personal experiences). As with any talent, we might have a raw/natural gift but it’s in using it and fine-tuning it that it not only benefits the self but for others and the environment. 


The reading and the studying began, achieving a Level 1 Reiki, Advanced Wicca Certification, becoming a minister for the American Marriage Ministries and presently finalizing my studies as a Master Herbalist and Holistic Medicine. While creating a library of books I continued the learning of the influence/history and uses of tarot, numerology, crystals, meditation, sound healing, and the moon. Much was solidifying what I had already known and the rest with abundance in offerings to use in my practice and rituals. 


It wasn’t until my familiar Sage quite literally wandered into my life as I was upside down raking the garden and looked at me as if to say “There you are!!”. I know the universe, guides, and energies that were saying loud and clear, that it was time to take the services that I was supplying in limited small doses and open them up to the world and beyond. 


Fully embracing my goddess unicorn pumpkin witch self and providing my services of light and love across the world has been a joyous occasion. My connection and flow with the elements and energies are stronger than ever before. The first step of Spiritual Awakening is full acceptance and immersing into the complete self. 


As you can tell by my uniquely designed and colored rainbow my gifts, talents, and beliefs are glorious and varied. 


Presently you can find me happily having a cup of tea (if not perfecting my cocktail mixology) enjoying the company and conversation with other beings, animals, trees, spirits, and other mythical creatures. The Sky, the earth, the winds, the sun, and the moon collectively have a story to tell. Finding balance by observing what is not aligned or in harmony. 



 The Familiar

Born by the river of Hillsborough, with the gift of sight and patience I knew it was only a matter of time till I found my human. 


When your upbringing is not only surrounded by sunbathing felines but includes daily conversations with the birds above and lizards who climb, nightly taunts with the watery alligators and  snakes of the earth, all the while observing those who remain to wander but are unseen by most. I knew that I was waiting for my familiar, one who could continue those conversations with a connection to what expands beyond this tangible existence. 


So I waited… 


When I observed Carmen I decided to take shelter beneath her house to see if she was as she appeared to me. To hear what harmonious sounds she produced and see what type of others would visit. To truly observe others energies is to see how they resonate in daily tasks… from the mundane to the extraordinary. As then can you truly become attuned with the frequency of their inner vibrations. 


It became clear she needed that final nudge of guidance that I could provide with my insightful gift of sight and patience. So while she sparklingly hummed while raking in the sun I grew closer and closer to her while remaining unnoticed. Making my point and waiting till her first sight of me was while she was upside down grabbing some leaves and I was perfectly situated under the triangle of her stance. 


She knew I was a special friend so much so her first response seemed to be that she didn’t think I was for her. Being a tough cookie to crack I made it abundantly clear that we were to continue the journey from this point forward together. 


I could confirm for her the presence of others and energies while she could provide continued conversation and an anchor while I wander through realms. It was in fact my advice and cleansing aura that brought my name into realization. SAGE 


Nowadays I either participate in sessions by observing in the room, however the space can become a tea party of varied spirits and energies which I can find a bit much even for my patience… so I’ll patrol the outdoors and converse with the other beings making sure the bubble circle of her perimeter is protected and ward any shadows away. 


She still worries when she hears me conversing and playing during the witch's hour with other worldly beings, but I think that is her being lovingly protective of me and for that I am thankful. 


Some Sage Advice: Messages of Love and Light can come in many forms… ever wondered why you keep seeing that bird, formation of cloud, hearing that song on the radio, or a phrase that happens to repeat itself from work to cafe to home… You can look at these as merely strange coincidences OR you can STOP, LISTEN and OBSERVE as perhaps there is a greater story or message being told to guide you. 


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