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We are a community made up of all colours, shapes and sparkles (6 × 4 in) (4 × 6 in) (2).j
Psychic Guide
A Weekly Digital Publication
created by your Witchy Unicorn Auntie
Only $8 per Month

Join my Divine Circle of Loving Light & you will receive your weekly Witchy Unicorn Psychic Guide, filled with mystical and intuitive insights.

 Discovering, Learning, and Practicing:


Moon Energy


Tarot Cards, 

Crystal Prescriptions, 

Magical Herbs 

 Empowering Rituals & Meditations  

and more… 

This weekly edition ties up everything you need to know about how to mindfully utilize your energetic week a head. Tying it all up in a cosmic bow so you don't have to scroll for hours searching through various social medias.


What is the Witchy Unicorn Psychic Guide?

  • It is a digital weekly publication that is received every Monday.

  • It is created by the Pumpkin Witch herself Carmen Vass a certified, established and well practiced intuitive Light Worker.

  • Each Edition revolves around the various energies at play during the week including but not exclusive too:

    • Astrology

    • Moon Energy

    • Numerology

    • Tarot Cards

    • Crystals

    • Herbalism

    • Goddess Work

    • Shadow Work

    • Meditations

    • Rituals/Spell Work

    • and more…

  • Learn, Practice and Create Rituals in a safe and sacred space.

    • Editions May include an exclusive Ritual created by the Pumpkin Witch to explore and develop your practice.

    • For Example, Full Moon Cleansing Rituals, New Moon Manifestations, Chakra Mediations… and more

  • Personal Notes and Insights and storytelling.

  • Participating and connecting to this Divine Magical Community of Loving Light.

    • Access to ask questions, share your story or even be featured in an edition.

    • Not an advertising space purely created with the attention to bring awareness, inspire and educate.

    • Subscribers receive VIP access to services and events weather its advance access or specials gifted rates.

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