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My Mission 

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My passion & mission is to provide Love, Light & Healthy Healing Guidance on your path of  Self Discovery & Spiritual Awakening. Resonating within the present, letting go of the past that binds us & reflecting light into the unknown journey ahead.

Spreading Light and Love whether that be during a tarot reading, cleansing of a space, or officiating your wedding. 

All of my sessions are there to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and secure environment. That you can connect, cleanse, and charge your energies. Energy work is “work” therefore I love my clients being relaxed and prepared prior, during, and after the session. 

As a Light Worker, I am a conduit for the energies and guides to  send their messages of love and light . Tarot assists one in unlocking that which requires healing and releasing what no longer benefits you. This in turn provides space for abundance. With abundance and guidance you can embrace your limitless potential as you continue your journey of self discovery and empowerment.


My Tarot and Healing work is a bountiful tool that creates a personalized dimensional map of insights to your energy bodies. You are much more than just a physical body, you also have an etheric, emotional and mental body. My work begins to harmonize these energetic vibrations with one another. 

All sessions open and close with a ritual of mindful breathing, connecting to the elements and harmonizing your energies and welcoming or thanking spirits. In the opening ritual learning how to connect and open ourselves up to the energies that surround us. The closing ritual is just as important reminding us how to maintain our flow while disconnecting from surrounding energies so we don’t subconsciously overload or burn out. 


To continue your “energy work” after the session my follow ups include thoughts and personally created  rituals so you can learn to continue the healing and shed light as the dust settles from your reading. 


I am so grateful to all of my clients who allow me to be part of their journeys and in doing so I continue to do what I love and am passionate about as a Light Worker. 


You are loved. You are Valued. You are Enough. 

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My Philosophy

As a Unicorn; I have the creativity of the universe to channel energy for others to find their voice and embark on their journey of self discovery & healing. Continuing to manifest a harmonious existence on this earth. 

As unicorns, our rainbows are limitless within our beings. Filled with unique colors, expressing our potential, experience, and abilities. When we start to NOT be defined, confined, or limited to only one singular part of our existence; we then start to resonate through an embrace of love and acceptance of self . Unapologetically shining at our brightest and discovering the horizons and further reaches of the self. 

My positive, loving, persistent & spirited guidance provides vibrant, shimmering energy. Shining its light into the smallest of keyholes; unlocking the unlimited potential within. 

My sessions provide light through the energies that be. Guidance through the tools of the Tarot. Love and Healing through personally created rituals, teachings, and meditations to assist in continuing your energy work even after our session.

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