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(available in-person & online)

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Tarot Reading

Tarot is a magical tool that allows me to shine healing light into the present self. Resonating within the present, letting go of both the past that binds us and the drain of projecting our energies far into the future. Reflecting guiding intuitive light into the unknown mindfully preparing for your journey.

My mission is to make the magical accessible and tailored to what your present energetic needs are. All the spreads on my menu are powerful in their own right, so choose the one that resonates with you most and don't doubt your intuitional guidance. 

Check out my Tarot Menu and book your in-person or online reading today.

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Workshops & Masterclasses

I want you to be EMPOWERED to learn, understand and utilize all forms of magical mindful rituals in your daily practices. 

Masterclasses will teach you how to use divination tools as part of your practice from Knowing your sources, and historical, safe practices and honing your skill. 

Enlightened Awakening Workshops will explore magical, spiritual and mindful practices that you can incorporate into your own spiritual and healing journey. 

All classes are tailored to be part of your spiritual and personal growth. 

For more information and to register for future classes click on the below.

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Full Moon Ceremony

We gather under the Full Moon to amplify our energies with Moon Goddess Light. Strengthened by the circle we cast as we weave our supportive healing magics to create a powerful web of light. 

Each Moon Ceremony is unique as it is tailored to enhance the Seasonal and Astrological position of the moon. 

Full Moons offer us an opportunity to cleanse & release our energies creating space to heal and grow.

During a Moon Ceremony, you will cast a sacred protective circle, invite spirit guides, be guided in healing moon meditation, practice a moon ritual, partake in fire magic, and more. 

Reserve your spot in the circle below.

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Spiritual Coaching

I am your Witchy Unicorn Aunt providing you a safe and sacred corner to tune into who you are and your abilities.


Whether that is just for your own personal growth and understanding of self OR you want to feel around to discover if you too are on the path of being a lightworker I am HERE FOR YOU!.


How it works, it’s a monthly retainer giving you access to at least 1 x one on one session per week for the month plus correspondence and follow ups as required. Depending on what package you want you may also receive a bonus reading. The first session would determine what your specific needs are.

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Events & Parties

Add a splash of magic to your event and book me for your party. 

I will create a tailored menu for your guests to enjoy some loving light-filled healing vibes during your event. 

This can be offering private readings in a mystical secluded area OR for smaller groups creating a divine moon magic circle and partaking in a group reading. 

Event Hire starts at $150 per hour.

For more information on how to make your event magically unforgettable contact me below.

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Wedding Officiant 

Passionately I believe that LOVE is LOVE is LOVE!


No matter of race, gender, sexuality or religion Your wedding day should reflect everything you love about yourself and each other. It is your day of commitment to your loving partner and should be in a safe, respectful, fun, and loving environment that embodies all of your combined uniqueness.


For availability,  bookings, and more please use the contact form provided. (pls include known dates, wants, desires, etc...) 

Gift Cards 

Give the gift of healing that keeps on giving. Create your own magical EGift Card! 

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