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Love & Light Services

All tarot/healing sessions are online zoom appointments, maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all. 

All sessions open and close with a joint mindful ritual.

Opening Ritual: We will begin the practice with guided breathing and meditation. To allow our beings to connect to the elements within our sacred space and welcome in the Spirit/Guides/Angels and be open to their messages.

Closing Ritual: We will conduct a closing of the circle with guided breathing and meditation.  Thanking the elements and Spirit/Guides/Angels for their guidance and releasing their energies. 

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Tarot & Energy Healing

Tarot is a magical tool that allows me to shine healing light into the present self. Resonating within the present, letting go of the past that binds us & reflecting light into the unknown journey ahead. 

Whether you choose a  Mind Body Soul, The Task at Hand, 7 Chakra Healing or a Group Reading ripples of energy filled with loving light will begin.  

Memberships & Subscriptions

Wherever you are, whenever you are and whatever you are you are join a community of Magical Beings in my  always open and never broken circle.  This is a safe, sacred space filled with love, acceptance and a good dose of magic. 

Join the Live Sunday Psychic Warm Up  that allows us to join our energy hands by connecting in a virtual circle to prepare our energies for the week ahead.


Providing intuitive insights from the Moon, Astrology, Numerology, the Elements, Sprits, Guides, tarot, and so much more… all instilling you with tools of meditations/rituals so you may continue your practice in the Guided Weekly Recaps

Wolf Full Moon Ceremony 

Sunday 16th of January Starting @ 6.30pm @ Cactus Moon 4206 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

Cactus Moon and Pumpkin Witch & Sage are creating a magical tribe gathering in honor of the 1st Full Moon of the New Year! Welcoming all Tampa Bay Natives to join us for the 2022 Wolf Full Moon Ceremony and Celebration. 

The Magical Ceremonial Proceedings will include:

  • Creating your own sacred Crystal Moon Water.

  • Casting a  protective circle around the fire.

  • Participating in a guided cleansing Full Moon Ritual, creating space for new year intentions to manifest.

  • Drawing Down The Moon Goddess.

  • Guidance for the year ahead from the universe & Spirit Guides with a collective Tarot Reading.

  • Celebratory Food & Drinks.

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Tune In Sessions

I am your Witchy Unicorn Aunt providing you a safe and sacred corner to tune into who you are and your abilities.


Whether that is just for your own personal growth and understanding of self OR you want to feel around to discover if you too are on the path of being a lightworker I am HERE FOR YOU!.


How it works, it’s a monthly retainer giving you access to at least 1 x one on one session per week for the month plus correspondence and follow ups as required. Depending on what package you want you may also receive a bonus reading. The first session would determine what your specific needs are.

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Smudging and Cleansing

Available in person for the Tampa Bay area or an online coaching provided. 

Cleansing any unwanted/conflicting  residual or unknown energies that are residing within inhabited space. (ex: home, office, shop,...)  


For more information and a quote please use the contact form provided. (pls include location type, size, etc..)

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Wedding Officiant 

Passionately I believe that LOVE is LOVE is LOVE!


No matter of race, gender, sexuality or religion Your wedding day should reflect everything you love about yourself and each other. It is your day of commitment to your loving partner and should be in a safe, respectful, fun and loving environment that embodies all of your combined uniqueness.


For availability,  bookings and more please use the contact form provided. (pls include known dates, wants, desires etc...) 

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